Whistler International is a leading multi-national conglomerate strategically located in Dubai and having operations in Asia, Middle East and CIS Countries. Whistler International has diversified its activities into Telecom, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Power & Energy, Commodity business and Legal Consultancy. Whistler has its presence in Dubai, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Russia and expanding its operations to other Asian and CIS Countries.

Growth in line with responsibility

Whistler International is committed for sustainable growth with a long-term perspective and ensures a long-term value to all stake holders. Whistler International started its operations in 2006 as a single commodity trading company in Dubai which has grown significantly over the period to multi-product, multi-platform company and extended its operations to Asian and other Middle East countries. Currently the company operates in six strategic business units providing integrated services in the field of technology, telecom, power & energy, legal and healthcare. Our solid financial track record and reputation for operation excellence has provided an ideal platform for growth.

As the essence of our growth strategy, we have been making strategic joint ventures in Telecom, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Energy complementary to company’s trading function. We help customers succeed through collaboration, joint ventures and innovation, and are committed to sharing our global knowledge and experience to help meet economic and social challenges.

We continues to diversify into new technology, products and markets. We are planning to invest in strategic assets such as mining and fertilizer plants to augment our portfolio of activities across the world. Whistler International is managed by professionals with profound depth of experience in the International business, technology and healthcare. The thorough knowledge of the International market and our global network provides us a niche in the International market place.

Our focus on operational efficiencies, excellence and integrity has helped us overcome challenges in today’s difficult business conditions.

Today Whistler International has a dominant presence in Telecom, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Power & Energy sectors. Whistler International a young and agile company is constantly expanding its business capabilities through innovation, associations and technological updates. Whistler International has been structured to provide a unique ability to act creatively and decisively. Through technology we use our resources to innovate effective and reliable solutions.

The motivation for our entry to pharmaceuticals and healthcare is to provide affordable drugs at everyone’s reach and our associations and joint venture with major drug manufacturing companies in the world has enabled us to provide the same. Whistler International has a product portfolio which caters various sectors and markets and continents through our own presence and associates.

Our global activities in Commodity sector ranges from fertilizers to Coal, Phosphate rock, Iron ore, and agro-commodities. The commodity sector has been the backbone of company’s growth since its inception and we are planning for a large scale operation in commodity sectors in the coming years.