On behalf of Whistler International and our associations, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you all to our website. I wish you will find the required information about our background, business and joint ventures and projects in this website.

Whistler International started its operations in 2006 as a single product trading company and has moved through massive changes with regard to growth and expansion. From a single product and operating in one country, today we are proud to say that we are a multi-product, multi-platform company having our own presence in Dubai, India, Indonesia, Korea and Hong Kong. Apart from this we are operating through our associates and joint venture partners in more than 15 countries. We are operating six platforms and each platform is divided into different strategic business units and as of today our portfolio companies are operating in telecom, power & energy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and legal services in addition to global commodity business which comprises of fertilizers, minerals and agro-commodities.

The crux of our success shall be attributed to our corporate strategy and culture which eventually stimulates and nurtures our growth and innovation. Success was not happened in a single day. We have faced many challenges and set-backs in our long journey towards success and we have surmounted them with determination and dedication towards our work. International business is highly sophisticated and challenging. Only through innovation and diversification of our portfolio together with creativity we can excel in our domain.

For future, our growth strategy focuses on further diversification of our products and portfolios and extends our operations to other Asian and Arab countries within 2 years. We have commitment to our stake holders, joint venture partners and associates who are supporting us with a long-term perspective. Our business networks in Asia and Middle East and sustainable competencies have enabled us to provide a steady growth in our business.

Our efforts were complimented by our joint venture with leading telecom company in Korea “Infomark”, Pharmaceutical giants Cellitrion and Illyang and Vitzrotech. We are committed to providing sustainable growth to our joint venture partners leveraging our expertise, network and associations.

We are grateful to all our Whistler International family members and associates and joint venture partners who have been the leaders of this journey and business partners who have always worked along-side us in order to create a professional company.

I am pleased with the recognition and appreciation that our company and team receives from various industry and organizations. It is cogent evidence that our operation philosophy and conduct are in the right direction. I seek your continued patronage and support and assure that we shall grow together another successful milestone.


Dr. Ahmad Thanveer


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